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"Amader" means "our" in Bengali.

Our dreams

We hope these dreams come true, so we named our company "Amader".

Our values

Make a very, very fun company together

Bangladeshis love to be with people. Chatting, eating, working or playing, we enjoy time with people and value it. We think that this culture is very rich and want to keep this rich life style.

We want to make a very, very fun company, where our people can enjoy both working time and leisure time with clients, family, friends and others. Our spirit for work is "No Challenge, No Moja". Moja is a Bengali word, meaning fun, interesting and tasty. We want to keep challenging and feeling Moja!

Create work that makes our clients say very, very good.

We believe creating work that makes our clients say very, very good is necessary for both companies to continue working and will make our company a very, very fun company.

Our first step is to know our client very, very well. We want to visit our client's business, and think about its' future together. Our products are designed and created specifically for the client. We cannot write clients' stories. We feel and read them and help them find it.

Our products

1. Contents

What a client wants to tell is not always what a client's client wants to know. We work to make the contents applicable to our client's clients.

2. Design and Usability

Our products are designed to communicate what a client wants to tell and what a client's client wants to know in a user friendly format. We pursue reliable and intuitive systems and pages.

3. Fun and Exciting

Like various spices, which complete delicious Bangladeshi curries, we complete our "delicious" products with some fun and exciting elements.