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Shaking Hands Association

'Association for shaking hands with Bangladeshies' is an NPO in Fukuoka, Japan. They have supported a Bangladeshi village in the fields of medical and education for over 20 years. We try to make people feel the warmth of shaking hands by putting loving pictures of mother and child on the home page. All pages are structured in a clear and simple style. By making use of the existing blog, we try to have our client use this new site easily.


Azuma Kiko is a professional group of ship engine engineers and technicians, located in Kochi, Japan. They have rich knowledge and skills to test and fix problems of ship engine, which is a heart of ship. This website has plenty of pictures to show company's good working atmosphere and their super skills. We also designed their logo, which associates wave, sail, seagull, and its company's initial A.

NeXT Business Management Services Ltd.

NeXT Business Management Services Ltd. helps investors/entrepreneurs across the world in setting up business in Bangladesh vis-àvis assisting local entrepreneurs to bridge a business relationship with foreign companies.We use Wordpress so that our client can easily update information by themselves.

Koji bakery

Koji Bakery is a Japanese person owned bakery in Dhaka. It was established in 2013. It is an online order site. At present, they bake French baguette and pain au chocolate and deliver within selected area in dhaka city. This web site is designed for simplicity, casualness as well as a bit of elegance.

Japanese Commerce and Industry Association in Dhaka

Japanese Commerce and Industry Association in Dhaka. This web site is created simply with a user friendly interface to publish their activities and share information among its members.

Rickshaw Art In Bangladesh

The rickshaw arts site is to promote rickshaw arts and supporting rickshaw artists. This site shows many rickshaw art images so that visitors can chose and order an art.

Bangladesh Information

Bangladesh Information site give you different necessary information about Bangladesh for Japanese.

Nobayashi Law Office

Nobayashi is a gentle, kind lawyer who grew up in Fukuoka. He lives and works in Fukuoka. He talks and works with his clients gently and kindly. This site is designed to show his and his office's gentleness and character. Office staff is also gentle and kind, which makes this place such a relaxing one.

Bengal Tours Ltd.

Bengal Tours is a leading travel agency in Bangladesh. They have dealt with the largest number of Japanese customers who have visited Bangladesh. This is their first Japanese web site. We try to make people feel the undiscovered charm of Bangladesh by a warm website image. We introduce CMS (Content Management System) in tour and hotel information pages for Bengal Tours staffs to edit the contents.

YELTEX Yoshida Co., Ltd.

Yeltex Yoshida is a substation construction and maintenance company, founded more than 60 years ago. High publicness as a company involved in electricity infrastructure in Kyushu, Japan and good working condition i.e. less over-time working policy are featured in this company. As a symbol of reliability and to show the goodness of this company, we use many pictures of their staffs and put this site in a blue-based color.

International Angel Association

International Angel Association was established in 1982 in Japan under the slogan " Love Over the World". It is a voluntary Organization which serves humanity, peace and friendship. Most of the members are women supporting to continue the activities of the organisation.

Myojin Law Office

Myojin is a lawyer with his personality, living and working in Fukuoka, Japan. He is a smart, fashionable, and cool lawyer who loves design. Our designer tried his best to satisfy him in design.

Kokorozashi Japanese Cultural Center

In Kokorozashi Japanese Cultural Center, native Japanese teachers take classes in Japanese, Bengali and English. Students can watch Japanese movies and animations, and know about latest Japanese culture. They can also learn business manners through our Japanese classes.

Yasuda Law Office

Yasuda is a lawyer who sincerely works for clients on various legal issues.In family he loves a wife and two boys.This web site is designed as simple as possible so that viewers/visitors can easily get necessary information. Yasuda Law Office is located in Fukuoka, Japan.

MOTO Trading & Co (Bangladesh) Ltd.

MOTO Trading Co (Bangladesh) Ltd. is a sales service based company. This site shows basic information of the company and introduce some of their products.